Saturday, August 20, 2016

Old Impulse Dinghy Traded for New Impulse Dinghy at DinghySports

Dinghy Sports Australia will now consider trading your old Impulse Dinghy against a brand new Impulse Dinghy built by Mark Phillips.  See above for details.

New Impulse price list here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Second Hand Boats for Sale at Dinghysports

Boats for sale at Dinghysports
Phone Mark Phillips 9997 1636 or 0448 971 636
Heron 10281                                                                         $11,500  
Second in the 2016 Nationals
Built to easily conform to future rule change.
Includes trolley, top cover, rudder bag
Good condition second season Red Back sails
Comparison with new price $14,000

Mirror 70855                                                                       $10,500
Comparison with new price $13,000
1 year old, hardly used
Top Race Fitout, Rig and Sail
Trolley, Top Cover, Foils Bag

Impulse 675                                                                          $13,500
Comparison with new price $15,000
New Boat built for Sail Expo
New Sail (Goodall Mylar or Dacron Doyle)
Trolley and Foils Bag

Impulse 207                                                                          $4,000
Restored Wooden Hull with a new red respray
New Trolley, Centreboard, Rudder and Boom
Good condition Rig and Sail (Barracouta Mylar)
Stored at BYRA - Ring mark for a test sail 99971636 or 0448 971 636

Finn 1970's Elvstrom                                                      $4,500
F/G Hull beautifully restored
Newish North Sail, Trolley, Top Cover
Carbon Mast British Aerospace
Laser 202967                                                                        $6,500
Trolley, Top Cover, Foils Bag, Carbon Tiller
Inspection Hatch with Storage Bag
New Zhik Hiking Strap
Standard and Radial Rigs
1 Standard Sail (2 Regattas)
1 Standard Sail (Training)
1 Radial Sail (Training)

Laser 202589                                                                        $7,000
Trolley, Top and Bottom Covers
Standard and Radial Rigs, Carbon Tiller
This Boat has had little use
1 Radial Sail (New)
1 Radial Sail (Training)
1 Standard Sail (1 Regatta)
Located at Georges River
Phone Rob Fielding 0417 049 681
Zodiac R.I.B 3.1m                                                            $3,000
Fibreglass Hull
5HP Yamaha Motor
Launch Trolley
Very Good Condition
Stored in a garage
Envy 4.3                                                                                 $11,000
Last at this price
Ideal family boat
Sail trainer used by Scouts, Sailing Schools and Clubs and the Navy Cadets
Complete on launching trolley

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Heron For Sale

Mark and Hugh Phillips having fun & trying to avoid great whites at Port Lincoln 2016

Sail Number 10281  
New for Port Lincoln Nationals 2016.  
Builders own boat.
Second place achieved  in Heron Nationals 2016.  
Built to easily conform to future rule change.
$11,5 K
Includes trolley
top cover
rudder bag
and good condition second season Red Back sails

Mark and Hugh Phillips lining up for the start in the Heron Nationals Lake Cootharaba 2014 in a previous Heron.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Impulse Price List for 2016/17

Raceaway Price Purchase of complete package $14,990

Price Beakdown

Bare Hull                                                                                           $7200
Standard colours ( White, Light Grey,
Mist grey, Light Blue, Athol Blue)
For other colours add $100

Hull Fit Out to Stage One                                                                 $8000
2 bailers $340, 5 Hatches $100
Chainplate $80, Floorgrip $200
4 Toe-Strap anchors $80

'Raceaway' Fitout                                                      $9570

Fittings and Control lines $900
2 x Toe-Straps $180, Mass Base Plate $50
Traveller Car and Cleats $320
Tiller Extension $70, Pintles Fitted $50
Note all fittings at RRP less 10%
Includes Kit Bag, Mast Step and Vang Plate

Foils                                                                            $1920
Centreboard $750
Rudder $530, Rudder Box $640
Includes Tiller and Rudder Blade fitting
Pivot Bolt, hold down rope and Cleat
Add Foil Bag $140

Rig                                                                              $1700
Fully Rigged Mast $1300 GTS Mk II
Boom $400 60mm rolled (Sleave Extra)

Launch Trolley                                                            $680

Sails                                                                            $980
Doyle Dacron Radial Cut, tapered battens
Upgrade to Doyle Stratis Mylar $1280

Total not including extras                                          $14990
Extras Barracutta Top Cover 400 (Mast up)
Mainsheet Swivel Cleat Base $150
Prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.