Monday, October 17, 2011

The Second Coming

Hugh was out amongst it yesterday, putting all the skills he learned at last week's Spring Cup Regatta and yesterday morning's training session with Commodore Darrin into play.  He is now  forward tacking and leaning out like a champion.  He managed to complete three races, all in second place, of which Carolyn and Mark were so proud.  Most importantly he had a ball.

Hugh's mum and dad were out in the rubber duck cheering him on and giving him lots of unwanted advise.  After Mark's 50 years of experience on the water, they still managed to run out of petrol twice.  Luckily there were lots of BYRA people on hand to help.  Next time they will take out extra petrol and if not, at least some oars.

The conditions were perfect for junior sailing and here you are viewing the beginning of a beautiful career on the water.

Monday, October 10, 2011

And They're Racing in the Spring Cup 2011

Hugh raced in his first regatta, 'solo' on the weekend.  He took part in the Green Fleet of the Optis at the Spring Cup on Pittwater, run by the RPAYC.  He finished 4 races and most importantly had a ball.  He improved greatly over the weekend, according to his dad Mark Phillips. So thanks go to Tom, the on course coach for that.   After the regatta, Hugh said he wanted to sail around Scotland Island, which although not part of the racing, was his best performance yet.  Apart from a nose dive due to high winds, which is now part of the Phillip's family folk law, Hugh was wrapped with his performance over the weekend and can't wait for the next Opti regatta.

Mark admitted before they left home, that he was more excited about the regatta than Hugh.  Hugh's main interests currently, are Nerf Guns and Minecraft.  But after this weekend, I think we can safely add sailing to the list.

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