Thursday, February 4, 2016

Impulse Price List for 2022

Raceaway Price Purchase of complete package $19235

Price Breakdown

Bare Hull                                                                                             $9900
Standard colours ( White, Light Grey,
Mist grey, Light Blue, Athol Blue)
For other colours add $100

Hull Fit Out to Stage One                                                                 $1100
2 bailers, 5 Hatches 
Chainplate, Floorgrip 
4 Toe-Strap anchors

'Raceaway' Fitout                                                      $1800

Mainsheet Swivel and Cleat
Clam Cleats, Fittings and Control Lines
2 x Toe-Straps  Mast Base Plate 
Tiller Extension,  Pintles Fitted 
Includes Kit Bag, Mast Step and Vang Plate
For Traveller Car and Cleats add $300

Foils                                                                            $2200
Centreboard $880
Rudder $605, Rudder Box $715 (anodised)
Includes Tiller 
Pivot Bolt, hold down rope and Cleat
Add Foil Bag $175

Rig                                    MC Spars                               $2100
Fully Rigged Mast $1600 MD Spars
Boom $500 Dinghy Sports

Launch Trolley                                                            $935

Sails                                                                            $1200
 MC Sails

Total not including extras                                          $19235
Extras Barracutta Top Cover $700 (Mast up)
Prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.

Updated 22/9/2022