Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going For Gold at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat Victoria

The Dinghy Sports boys went for gold on Port Phillip Bay in the Mirror Nationals at Williamstown Victoria over the new year and found silver instead, but there's more than one way to skin a cat..

An afternoon spent panning for Gold at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat had the desired effect.

We probably earned more that day than we do in a whole day at the boat factory.  It was more fun too.

We found six or seven chips like this, which was very exciting.  Gold fever set in and we were there for the duration.

Despite the heat wave, we could cool down as it's very thirsty work.

The Beach House Brats loved the history oozing out of every corner of this place.

The streets cleared as these guys marched into the centre of town.

Hugh was chosen at the gold pouring demo to hold the gold bar worth $160,000.  A minute before this shot was taken the gold had been molten hot.  It was very pure as they had used the same gold in the demo, since the 70's.

We went underground to try our luck as well.

Everyone came away a winner.  Next up some great shots of the regatta.


  1. Cool. Something I REALLY want to do. Tried gold-panning twice as a kid and didn't get a cracker.