Monday, January 14, 2013

New Heron Foils From Dinghy Sports

Freddy Foils Heron centreboard and rudder blade moulds now in production for high quality moulded foils.  These foils are gelcote finish with high grade 'e' glass and 's' glass uni- directional lay-up.  The core is high density  foam (divinicell).  By changing the orientation of the unis, it is now possible to create different bend and thrust characteristics in the centreboards ( as per the 470 board developments that have been happening for some time)

The rudder box is moulded fibreglass with plywood core and Goldspar gugdeons bolted on.  The tiller is 32mm anodised alloy and glassed on.

Check out the full Heron price list here for parts breakdown.

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