Sunday, January 24, 2021

Heron Price List 2021

ABN: 79 080 952 389
5c/89 Darley Street Mona Vale NSW 2103 Australia
SMS: 0448 971 636

Price Breakdown  

Hull Stage                                                                                    $6500
Internal centre case and deck
mouldings all bonded and

         Hull Fit Out to Stage 1                                                                     $400

Chain plates x 3,
bailer x1, hatch x 1 bungs x 3 

'Raceaway' Fitout                                                      $2000

Ready to Race and win. Rudder and centreboard fitted
All control lines, toe straps, tail Bag

Foils                                                                            $1630
Centreboard $650
Rudder Blade $420, Rudder Box and Tiller $480
Includes Tiller and Rudder Blade fitting
Pivot Bolt, hold down rope and Cleat

Spars                                                                            $1920
Mast 50mm x 2mm with fibreglass taper
made for Dinghy Sports
Bare section $770
Fully Rigged $1500
Boom 50mm x 1.6mm with Goldspar 
track made for Dinghy Sports Bare $140
Fully Rigged $320

Pole 25mm x 1.6mm anodised rigged $100
For launching pole system add $45

Alloy Frame $700

        Complete boat raceaway                                         $13230

MC Sails $1100
Rudder Bag $80
Top cover (Mast Up $440)
Mast bag $100

Notes re Heron Development Past
MK 1 - Wooden Boats
MK 2 Fibreglass mould from Hornet Abracadabra Shape
MK 3 - National Association Mould, Foam sandwich construction, one-piece mast big jib.

Prices are in Australian dollars and are subject to change without notice.
Prices are subject to class rule changes.
Prices include GST - export price less 10%.  Orders must be secured with a 40% deposit.  Boats MUST BE paid for in full before they leave the factory.
Update 10/2/21

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