Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dinghy Sports New Sabot DX Launch and Price list 2021

Dinghy Sports Australia Pty Limited
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M: 0448 971 636
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Sabot DX 2021 Price List
(Purchase of complete package is $8550)
Price Breakdown if purchased in parts
Hull                                                                                                                        $3900
New Model DX
Your choice of Colours
Finished and ready for fittings

Fitout 1                                                                      $400
Bailer, Chainplates Hatches,
Hiking Strap saddles and mainsheet saddles
All fitted

Foils                                                                           $1300
Centreboard $500, Rudder $380,
New rudder blade box and tiller $420

Fitout 2                                                                                $600
To "Raceaway" Package
Includes: Mast Step, Blocks and Cleats
Toe Straps and Kit Bag, Ratchet Block
Control Lines and Mainsheet

Sails                                                                            $700
MC Sails

Foil Bag                                                                                                               $150

Cradle w/ Wheels                                                                                        $300

Roll Over Cradle

Spars                                                                          $1200
Bare Mast $TBA
Rigged Mast $900
Wire Kit $175

Bare Boom $TBA
Rigged Boom $300

Dinghy Sports is proud to announce the new Sabot Australian built DX model, priced at $5750.  Now we have the boat and the price, we anticipate solid support from the market for this Australian built sailing boat.

"Working with a dedicated and enthusiastic team from the Sabot Association, has been a rewarding experience for me".  said Mark Phillips, managing director of Dinghy Sports, at the launch of the boat during the recent Sydney Sailing Expo at Manly.  It was widely agreed that, a fresh new look, with changes to reduce the cost of manufacturing, have facilitated the development of a terrific new model at the right price to encourage the market.

The next Sabot is going to Queensland and orders have already come in for more boats.  It is great to see that interest in and replenishment of the class is now occurring.

The new Sabot is priced at $5750.  This includes a fully vacuum bagged foam core construction, which provides a very strong and durable boat.  The talent pool involved with the design, was able to reduce the complexity of some components and streamline areas of manufacture.  "It was great to work with a team willing to consider new ideas and take them into production." said Mark

The Sabot has been part of the Sydney sailing scene since 1958 and the Sabot has provided the training boat for many nationally and internationally elite Australian Sailing champions, currently winning at Olympic and Americas Cup level.

In supporting the Sabot class, you not only support Australian sailing and manufacturing, but also the philosophy that we can do it well with home grown ideas and product.  This is a great example of Australians working as a team.  The Sabot DX is another Australian success story.

For a full price list go here.

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