Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sabot Price List 2021

Dinghy Sports Australia Pty Limited
Ph:(02) 999 71636
M: 0448 971 636
5C/89 Darley Street

Sabot DX 2021 Price List
(Purchase of complete package is $8550)
Price Breakdown if purchased in parts
Hull                                                                                                                        $3900
New Model DX
Your choice of Colours
Finished and ready for fittings

Fitout 1                                                                      $400
Bailer, Chainplates Hatches,
Hiking Strap saddles and mainsheet saddles
All fitted

Foils                                                                           $1300
Centreboard $500, Rudder $380,
New rudder blade box and tiller $420

Fitout 2                                                                                $600
To "Raceaway" Package
Includes: Mast Step, Blocks and Cleats
Toe Straps and Kit Bag, Ratchet Block
Control Lines and Mainsheet

Sails                                                                            $700
MC Sails

Foil Bag                                                                                                               $150

Cradle w/ Wheels                                                                                        $300

Roll Over Cradle

Spars                                                                          $1200
Bare Mast $TBA
Rigged Mast $900
Wire Kit $175

Bare Boom $TBA
Rigged Boom $300

A white glass composite 2 piece mast

Prices are in Australian Dollars
Prices are subject to change without notice
Prices are inclusive of GST- export prices less !0%
Orders must be secured with a 50% deposit, the balance to be paid on receipt of item
Boats must be paid for in full before leaving the factory.
Updated 10/2/21

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